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Defense of Animal Related Crimes

Animal Bite
and Attack Cases

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Criminal Defense

  • Animal abuse
  • Animal neglect
  • Animal abandonment or fighting
  • Illegal import/export and trafficking
  • Wildlife violations
  • Animal dealing or hoarding
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Bites and Attacks

  • Injuries from dogs
  • Injuries from other domestic animals
  • Injuries from exotics
  • Ongoing animal nuisances
  • Confinement and trespass issues
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9397 SW Locust St.
Tigard, Oregon 97223
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Geordie DucklerMy unique work stands at the intersection of two separate but related spheres: the world of legal rights, and the world of human/animal interactions. As those worlds sometimes collide - when a pit bull's assault triggers a dispute over a bill, for instance, or when a horse's feed raises a sheriff's suspicions of improper care - I am there to disentangle the confusion, the jumble created in those clashes. Be it claim, charge, citation, or lawsuit, I vigorously help my clients avoid all hazards and steer clear of all wreckage, those awful shoals where the wrong course can end with finances destroyed, jobs threatened, or livelihoods jeopardized. For over three decades, I have handled over 1500 animal-related cases involving every animal legal conflict imaginable, from the almost comical to the deadly serious, and I have successfully protected and asserted legal rights for countless people and businesses adversely affected by an animal's actions. I can help you as well - just give a call and let's talk.

Should you have any question about your legal rights or responsibilities affected by an animal's actions, by an owner's actions, by the health, safety, or welfare of an animal, or by the obligations or privileges associated with having an animal, please contact the Practice by phone 503-546-8052, by fax (503) 241-5553, or by e-mail at

Animal Law Practice
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