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Office & Contact Information


831 SW Hume St.
Portland, Oregon 97219
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Telephone: 503-546-8052
Fax: 503-841-6278


Geordie Duckler, Attorney


spacer spacer Consultation: $300 (in-state: Oregon) / $350 (out-of-state)
Hourly rate: $350/hr (in-state: Oregon) / $400/hr (out-of-state)
Mary, Legal Assistant    

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Criminal Defense

  • Animal abuse
  • Animal neglect
  • Animal abandonment or fighting
  • Illegal import/export and trafficking
  • Wildlife violations
  • Animal dealing or hoarding
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Bites and Attacks

  • Injuries from dogs
  • Injuries from other domestic animals
  • Injuries from exotics
  • Ongoing animal nuisances
  • Confinement and trespass issues
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Office Address
831 SW Hume St.
Portland, Oregon 97219
Office Phone
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